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Join me as I take the fear out of childbirth and give you the confidence to labour and birth your way, be that natural, medicated, or somewhere in between.


You've probably read about childbirth and heard countless birth stories from friends and loved ones. Do you really know what to expect during labour and birth, though? Childbirth education classes can demystify the process.


Doula Beginnings classes can help you to prepare to meet the challenges of labour and birth. Consider the opportunities:


  • Learn things you never knew about labour and birth. you'll find out how to identify the signs of labour and what happens to your body as your baby makes his or her way into the world.
  • Address your fears. During childbirth classes, you'll have the chance to talk about your fears. I can dispel myths and help put your mind at ease.
  • Childbirth prenatal classes offer your partner or labour coach the chance to understand childbirth, too - as well as how to support you during labour.
  • Discuss the process of labour and birth, common complications and interventions which will empower you to make informed decisions as you take the journey to welcoming your precious new baby.

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In person comprehensive Childbirth class - $650

2 x 3 hour sessions 


Online comprehensive Childbirth class - $500

3 x 2 hour sessions covering:

  • preparing for birth
  • birth plan
  • the last few weeks of pregnancy
  • process of labour
  • signs of labour
  • tips for partners
  • labour and birth
  • comfort measures
  • birthing options
  • interventions
  • pain relief
  • skin to skin
  • postnatal period
  • postnatal recovery
  • emotional wellbeing
  • changing roles
  • life with baby
  • breastfeeding
  • new born behaviours
  • first days at home
  • baby cues
  • baby care




In person refresher Childbirth class - $450

1 x 4 hour session

OR 2 x 2 hour sessions



Online refresher Childbirth class - $300

2 x 2 hour sessions covering:


The Doula Beginnings refresher course is perfect for those parents-to-be who are expecting their 2nd or subsequent baby and would like to refresh their knowledge and skills and if required, debrief from their last birth experience.